MCIA is performing at UCI’s First Annual Soulstice!

Check out MCIA as the opening act to Soulstice, a new talent show hosted by ASUCI this Friday, February 10th, at 7pm! Also, support our current team members Jacklyn Uweh and Jessica Enriquez, as well as MCIA alum Sam Lee, performing with the Soulstice League! It’s going to be a great show, so don’t miss out!

MCIA’s First Performance of Winter Quarter!

Check out MCIA’s debut of their new set this Saturday at the Homecoming Festival at Mesa Road at 3:10! Hope to see you all there! 


Introducing the 2011-2012 MCIA Dance Family…

Congratulations everyone!!


  • Alicia Costantino
  • April Hul
  • Carissa Saito
  • Cassandra Kwok
  • Emily Thai
  • Holly Chen
  • Jacklyn Uweh
  • Jazmine Nava
  • Jeannie Vuong
  • Jessica Enriquez
  • Julian Thach
  • Katherine Au
  • **Kristine Torres
  • Lena Kan
  • *Lisa Hung
  • Logan Kimberly
  • Mariah Chew
  • Marissa Tom
  • *Nikki Claudio
  • Taylor Weik


  • Alec Remigio
  • Charles Carpio
  • Clarence Cabang
  • David Kang
  • Dennis Chen
  • Dennis Tran
  • Joey Vu
  • John Paul Peralta
  • **Joseph Sabolboro
  • Kevin Apolinario
  • Kevin Huynh
  • Kevin Yonzon
  • Nickolas Sosa
  • *Richard Gonzalez
  • **Richard Minor
  • Rowell Dizon
  • Steve Kim
  • Tim Hwang
  • Victor Tran



Thank you to everyone who came out and auditioned for MCIA. There was a lot of great talent and personalities presented and it was a difficult decision to make.  We hope this does not discourage anyone in their future dance endeavors.

All Love,

MCIA Cabinet ‘11-‘12

MCIA 2011-2012 Interview List

Thank you to all of those who auditioned last night! We applaud your hard work and creativity. Here is our interview list for this year.

For those who did not make interviews, we hope that this does not discourage you from your future dancing endeavors. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

**Note: This is NOT the final team roster. The final team roster will be posted this Friday.


2pm-2:20pm: Helen Tran

2:20pm-2:40pm: Rosabelle Lee

2:40pm-3pm: Holly Chen

3pm-3:20pm: Jacklyn Uweh

3:20pm-3:40pm: Albert Im

3:40pm-4pm: Tommy Huynh Nguyen

4pm-4:20pm: Kris Balauag

4:20pm-4:40pm: Alec Remigio

4:40pm- 5pm: Alison Agustin

5pm-5:20pm Julian Thach

5:20pm-5:40pm: Rowell Dizon


7pm-7:20pm: Dennis Tran

7:20pm-7:40pm: Jeannie Vuong

7:40pm-8pm: Kevin Huynh

8pm-8:20pm: Steve Kim

8:20pm-8:40pm: Carissa Saito

8:40pm-9pm: April Hul

9pm-9:20pm: Jordan Chen



2pm-2:20pm: Sean Ellis

2:20pm-2:40pm: Lesmond Chow

2:40pm-3pm: Logan Kimberly

3pm-3:20pm: Jazmine Nava

3:20pm-3:40pm: Nickolas Sosa

3:40pm-4pm: Anthony Pham

4pm-4:20pm: Charles Carpio

4:20pm-4:40pm: Justin Au

4:40pm- 5pm: Jin Mok

6pm-6:20pm: Dennis Chen


7pm-7:20pm: Katherine Au

7:20pm-7:40pm: John Paul Peralta

7:40pm-8pm: David Kang

8pm-8:20pm: Lena Kan

8:20pm-8:40pm: Marissa Tom

8:40pm-9pm: Kevin Yonzon

9pm-9:20pm: Tim Hwang

9:20pm-9:40pm: Jessica Pak




2pm-2:20pm: Noel Ocampo

2:20pm-2:40pm: Jade Pavao

2:40pm-3pm:Jacqueline Algora

3pm-3:20pm:Aram Grizzell

3:20pm-3:40pm: Megumi Sugimoto

3:40pm-4pm: Taylor Weik

4pm-4:20pm: Lauren Adiova

4:20pm-4:40pm: Alicia Constantino

4:40pm- 5pm: Joey Vu

5pm-5:20pm: Candace Ho-King

5:20pm-5:40pm: Mariah Chew


7pm-7:20pm: Clarence Kay Cabang

7:20pm-7:40pm: Victor Tran

7:40pm-8pm: Kevin Apolinario

8pm-8:20pm: Emily Thai

8:20pm-8:40pm: Jessica Enriquez

8:40pm-9pm: Cassandra Kwok

9pm-9:20pm: Kendrick Wang


All interviews will be taking place at Lee’s Sandwiches located in UTC. 

Thank You & ALL LOVE!!

-MCIA Cabinet ‘11-‘12

Audition Day is TOMORROW.

Hopefully everyone has been working hard and is super excited for auditions tomorrow. Here is a list of things to remember to bring:

1. A filled out and complete Audition Application

2. $10 Registration Fee

3. UCI Student ID

Also, don’t forget to come up with a Group Name for your group because you will need it for your Audition Application and for when you register tomorrow.

We’ll see you tomorrow at 6pm! 

Third and final workshop piece taught by coordinator, Richard Minor!

Second workshop piece taught by another one of our coordinators, Joseph Sabolboro!


1st MCIA Audition Workshop (10/23/11). Find the audition mix, videos of the pieces, audition application, & all other information @ MCIA’s tumblr!

Come tonight and join in on the fun! 7pm at the ARC Basketball Courts. We hope to see you all there. :]

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First audition piece taught by coordinator Kristine Torres!

Audition Application ‘11-‘12


Here is the link to the application for auditions!!

Please remember to print, fill out, and bring this application with you on audition day along with the $10 registration fee and a valid UCI Student ID. :]

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